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Judy Swerlick Art Collections

Shop for artwork from Judy Swerlick based on themed collections. Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Artwork by Judy Swerlick

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Judy Swerlick

Judy Swerlick My watercolor and acrylic paintings reflect the diverse cultures and environments in which I have lived or traveled. I am a lover of detail and realism and have drawn or painted all of my life. In my paintings I attempt to bring to the viewer the emotional response I have to the people, landscape or setting I am capturing in paint and hope to inspire the viewer to be drawn to them as I am.

My paintings are done in a slow, layering process. My subjects are painted from life, when possible, but more often from original photographs of subjects I have encountered personally and to which I was drawn. I enjoy doing commissioned portraits (please see portrait gallery) and paintings and welcome your requests. Many of my paintings are available in giclee prints and can be made any size up to that of the original.

I have been exhibiting my paintings regularly since 2001, and many have been shown in over forty-five exhibits throughout South Florida. My painting "San Gimignano", was exhibited at the Broome Street Gallery in New York City, and won the People's Choice Blue Ribbon Award at La Dolce Vita exhibit. My original watercolors, acrylics and giclee prints hang in private homes all over the United States and in Japan.

Dave Anderson: "Remembering a Special Young Man"
Judy Swerlick is an amazing and wonderful person who expresses herself beautifully through her art. I have admired her work for many years and am proud to say that I now own three of her works. Each one is displayed in a place of honor in my home.
The one that is most treasured is the portrait of my son, Michael; it is so good that I had copies made of it so that his sister and brother could also enjoy it. Portraits have to be hard to paint; there is a huge amount of emotion that can be attached to a likeness of a loved one. I was worried when I asked Judy to paint it because I really did not know what to expect. I had seen another portrait that she had done; it was of a friend that we had known for years. Judy not only captured the likeness of our friend, but her spirit was also obvious in the painting. When I finally saw what Judy had painted of my son, I was so happy that I had tears in my eyes. I took the portrait all over the campus where we worked and showed everyone. I was not only proud to show off my son, but also proud to show what Judy Swerlick had painted for me!
My son was a student of hers; Judy knew him and captured his personality. The portrait is more than a likeness, it is my son. My son died of cancer before the portrait was painted. Judy was able to do so much more than recreate a photograph; she gave it life.
I am most grateful for Judy Swerlick's skill and even more grateful for her thoughtfulness and kindness.

Jody Johnstone: "London in the 50's"
"Judy turned a small family snapshot into a beautiful sepia portrait that captures a special, joyful childhood moment. Her "London in the Fifties" shows my husband at age 4, feeding pigeons at Trafalgar Square. I particularly like the portrait's composition and the way Judy captured the scene from the child's perspective--from the ground up, with the birds taking center stage. During her work on this piece, Judy kept in touch with us to share ideas and confirm details. We found Judy to be professional, responsive, and lovely to work with at every stage in the process, and we recommend her highly."

Manuel J Motin: "Tribute to Sharon"
"Sharon's portrait looks so impressive at first sight; you cannot tell it is a painting. It captures her so well, so naturally, and realistically, I feel an immediate connection to her. It is amazing how Judy was able to create the resemblance to her face, transmitting her special personality and spirit. The secondary components...her blouse, ornaments...also contribute, with no doubt, to portraying her personality. I think Judy did a remarkable and outstanding job being able to "attach" all these components together, creating this very fine piece of art.

Mario Cabrera: "Artist at Work"
"When I first saw the variety and quality of Judy's many portraits, I was really impressed, so I was excited when she began the painting of me. I was delighted being portrayed as an artist, and doing what I love. She really captured the intense focus in my expression. When my brother and sister saw the watercolor, they said the resemblance was perfect. I am so happy with it and strongly recommend Judy to you."

Anthony N. Caggiano: "Princess"
"Life is funny. There are times when you see something and all you can say is "WOW". That was the first thing I said when I saw my daughter on canvas. I still say that a year later. The essence of Sophia was captured, frozen in time and will always have a place on the wall in our home. Thank you, Judy."

From "O" Magazine, "Circle of Friends" Newsletter, April 2015
Artwork from Our Readers
All in a day's work at O: fantastic fan mail from devoted subscribers. The most recent addition to our creative collection is this photo of an acrylic portrait by Coral Springs, Florida, artist Judy Swerlick. The 63-year-old painter, who taught art full-time for 32 years, was inspired to pick up her brushes after seeing Selma. "The film was so powerful, I cried," Swerlick says. "And when I saw a photo of Oprah at the New York premiere, she looked like she was glowing. I knew that was a picture I wanted to paint." But this portrait, which Swerlick estimates took between 40 and 60 hours to finish, isn't the first time Oprah has served as inspiration: "When I was teaching, the magazine was a fixture in my classroom! My students and I often drew from the images in O's pages." Click here to check out more of Swerlick's acrylic and watercolor work. (A photo of my Oprah portrait and a link to my FAA website accompanied the article!)